Brood 3
Brood development
These are the most mature brood. One grub in the middle has already been sealed and her immediate neighbours await their turn.
These grubs are 5 days old.
These grubs increase in size from the bottom upwards. They are about 3 to 4 days old,
lavae development
lavae development
lavae development
lavae development
The eggs when first laid are upright but gradually keel over in the next two or three days. A grub hatches after the third day.

The photo shows eggs gradually leaning over and some day old grubs.
These are the grubs that are used for grafting.
development timetable worker queeen drone
The diagram above summarizes the time taken for the development of the egg, larva, and the emergence of the imago
for the queen, worker, and drone. For the first 3 days all larvae are fed royal jelly but after this time only queen larvae receive this special food.
A knowledge of these times is essential when bee breeding is undertaken, and in successful swarm control.
The photo below right shows the development of worker brood looking from the bottom edge of the frame upwards into the centre of the frame. The queen starts to lay in the center and works her way in a circular fashion around to fill the frame. Hence in this photo the age of the grubs/eggs decrease downwards.
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