Nucs for Sale
Sustainable Beekeeping
has been described by many of the well-known beekeepers of old. Basically the objective is to produce sufficient nucs during the summer over and above what might normally be required. The extra nucs are then taken through the winter and used to replace any losses in the Spring. Surplus nucs can then be sold.

Now that the UK is out of the EU and no longer subject to EU law, the opportunity has arisen for the UK authorities to stop the importation of foreign bees and with them the possibility that the small hive beetle might also be imported with devastating effects for the UK beekeeper.

With the increased popularity of beekeeping it is now imperative that beekeepers are able to offer nucs for sale to any beginner. The advantage is that the bees will be locally adapted and better able to survive the local conditions.

BIBBA has recently introduced the
The National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP)

and with this objective in mind I am able to offer 5-frame nucs for sale in the Summer from mid June and overwintered nucs from April.
The nucs are only available on National frames.
For further information on availability please contact through the following email address.
Overwintered nucs
These 5-frame nucs are prepared in the summer time. They are treated for varroa along with all colonies in the apiary in September and December. The nucs are assessed towards the end of March when it would be expected that there would be at least 2 frames of brood showing that the small colony was expanding. No longer available for 2022.
Summertime nucs
The nucs are formed towards the end of May. After the queen has been openly mated the small colony is assessed and should be ready for sale about mid June.

Reservation and Delivery
A nuc may be reserved on a first come first served basis; the cost is £175. I do not ask for a deposit.
The nucs can be collected from the apiary (supplied in a correx nuc box) or I can deliver free of charge within the local area (Clitheroe) and help transfer the bees to their new hive.

A nuc can be posted via Royal Mail Special Delivery before 1pm - Fully Insured in a green correx nuc box.
The cost is £35.
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