National - Double nuc box
the floor open mesh floor
crown boards
These two boards have 6 mm strips underneath each edge to give a bee space. It is important that the crown boards sit securely over the division board so that each side is bee proof.

the brood box
A standard brood box is specially adapted to form a double nuc box. Each half containing 5 frames separated by a bee proof division board.
The bee space underneath each side wall is filled with 3 mm wood strips. Likewise the space behind the top runners is filled with the 3 mm wood strips.
The two halves are separated by a specially made division board of either thin ply or correx which fits down to the OMF. The top of the board is sandwiched between two halves of a top bar which has been sawn along its length and at the top overlaps the side walls.
During the winter the two nucs will cluster next to the division board to benefit from each other's warmth.

the entrance
It is important to be able to adjust the width of the entrance as wasps can be a real nuisance in late summer.
A thin aluminium bar is screwed to the lower edge of the brood box behind which two thin pieces of plastic are able to slide and so act as curtains.
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